Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying hard to get things done.

We go on vacation in a few days for 3 weeks of Adirondack wilderness, well not really wilderness, but it is nice. Here are some pictures from this spring up there. What needs to be done here before I go? You name it. The big problem is waiting for equipment to arrive. We did the paperwork in June, so that July 1, the beginning of the fiscal year, the orders could go out. Have received one order, and that stuff is setup, but waiting for more stuff to come in to work on before school starts. Makes it tough to be up and running if there is no equipment.
We are working on a new phone system to make a unified communications system, and wireless network in all the buildings. Contractors are handling these, but it is making me nervous, as I will be in charge of both of these. The cutover date for the phones is when I am away.
Updating the computers is almost done, but having to figure out the somewhat random room cleaning pattern is difficult, not sure how they choose what room to clean. Do they draw lots or something?
Having some issues with the web server, or that is the old mail server that will be the new web server, looks like I need to do a clean install. So do I wait for software upgrade to 10.5 or do it with 10.4? hard to say. Just waiting for software.
Time to get back to updating things
Why do I go away at this time for so long? I am really a 10-month employee, with 20 extra days tacked on. This is just how it fell this year.

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Anonymous said...

hmmmm sounds like the Peter Principle at work here....a competent IT guy could figure it out....whose ring did you kiss?

A digruntled school admin