Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I have had a few posts about cooking. I like to cook using grills, charcoal only, no gas. I have used gas in the past, and understand it is quick and easy, but in my opinion, the taste is not the same, and if I were in a hurry I would not grill in the first place.

I own several grills, a 22”, 17” and two 7” Webers, a vertical water smoker and a horizontal barrel smoker. Just found the body of a 22” Weber on the street yesterday. The 17” was a side of the road find and the two smaller grills were $5 yard sale finds.

For grills, in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a Weber, I love them. But if the grill has a cover, a way to control airflow and room, it is good. I grew up on the cheap braziers that you see for sale that have no cover, just a flattish pan and grate. These will work for some things, like thawed hotdogs, but that is about it.

Charcoal, I have no problem using briquettes, some purists do. I will also use hard charcoal. The hard stuff cooks faster and hotter; sometimes I will mix for flavor and heat. To start the charcoal I use chimneys, never fluid. With the chimney, I have started to use paraffin cubes, rather than newspaper, it goes faster.

I will add recipes as we go through the summer.

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