Thursday, June 16, 2011

A positive day on the hunt

Today, no rejection letters or Email. Two somewhat positive contacts, anything that is not a rejection I see as positive. Also found an interesting job to apply for.

I sent a resume to a TV station Monday, today received a letter from them, I fully expected it to be a rejection letter. What it said was I passed the initial screening, and my application was moving forward. That is a positive step. How nice of them to write at this stage too.

Received a call regarding an application for an Instructional Designer position. That was nice. The only problem being is they are looking for someone with experience with a program called Articulate, which I do not have. Other than that it was positive, and he said that there are other positions coming up that I would fit.

So I went to the Articulate web site, it does look like a nice program for working with. Two problems, I don't have $1300 hanging around, and it is PC only, and I have a Mac. There is a free 30 day trial, which I could learn it fairly well, I just need to get ahold of a PC for a month.

Another place is advertising for Vice President for education. I need to print out the paper work and send it on its way.

So all in all a fairly positive day.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Another day, another application

To keep the many readers up to date....I applied for an Instructional Designer position with Kelly IT services. It would be nice to get a call for any of the applications. At least I did not get a dreaded rejection email or letter today. I really don't call them rejection letters, and have another term for them, but because this blog is listed on my resume, I should not write it out. Maybe after I get a job.
I have some very thin leads to have a look at this afternoon. So off to the search.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I need a job

Things have been going on in my life making it hard to want to blog, or have the time to blog. Back to doing the blog thing. I hope,

A different focus. I need a new job. Perhaps the trial and tribulations of a 50 year old looking for a job.

These days it is easier to apply for positions, almost like cheating. When I used to move more often, I could find a job fairly quickly, but the application procedure involved a typewriter (!) and sending off money for transcripts and placement files. Now it is look for jobs on the Internet and send off a resume and cover letter. The school systems in the area have a common on-line application where you put in your name for a job and POOF all of your paperwork is sent off to the district. The district then sends off a generic automated email to you. For non-education jobs it is just about as easy.

With this change, I am not being so selective about what I apply for. When it cost money, I would be picky. I think this is happening for everyone else, so the schools and businesses are flooded with applications. Frankly, paying for someone of my age may not be in the budget. Another problem with the flood of applications, sending out notices that you did not get the job are getting rare.

I am casting a fairly wide net. I have applied for science teaching jobs (chem and earth science if you must know), school administrative jobs, IT jobs, instructional design positions, TV news production and editing to name a few. All but one in the Rochester area. I really don’t want to move for at least two years, as my youngest has two more years of high school left, but if I have to I will.

Why hire me? I have experience, and not planning on leaving the area soon, and I plan on working until I am 70. That is another 20 years, by the way. Seeing how the job market is now, I don’t plan on moving to another position in quite some time. I like the concept of staying with one school district or business for a long time. I have made too many switches in the past.

So know of any jobs out there for me?

How do I become a consultant?

Get on the speaker circuit? How do you do that?

I will keep you posted about my progress. By the way, applied for two jobs today, both are for assistant principal.

Oh, here is a resume