Thursday, July 31, 2008

Pineapple chicken

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
1 can pineapple slices
4 slices provolone cheese
Teriyaki sauce

Drain pineapple juice into a container; add about ½ cup teriyaki sauce. Store about 1/3 cup of this for cooking; use the rest to marinate the chicken-use a plastic bag in the fridge overnight for best results

Grill Chicken over medium heat; put pineapple sliced on the grill a bit later on. Use the reserved pineapple/teriyaki marinade to baste.

When the chicken and pineapple are cooked, put a slice on pineapple on the chicken, slap the provolone on top and cook until the provolone is melted, serve

Simple to make and good to eat

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trying hard to get things done.

We go on vacation in a few days for 3 weeks of Adirondack wilderness, well not really wilderness, but it is nice. Here are some pictures from this spring up there. What needs to be done here before I go? You name it. The big problem is waiting for equipment to arrive. We did the paperwork in June, so that July 1, the beginning of the fiscal year, the orders could go out. Have received one order, and that stuff is setup, but waiting for more stuff to come in to work on before school starts. Makes it tough to be up and running if there is no equipment.
We are working on a new phone system to make a unified communications system, and wireless network in all the buildings. Contractors are handling these, but it is making me nervous, as I will be in charge of both of these. The cutover date for the phones is when I am away.
Updating the computers is almost done, but having to figure out the somewhat random room cleaning pattern is difficult, not sure how they choose what room to clean. Do they draw lots or something?
Having some issues with the web server, or that is the old mail server that will be the new web server, looks like I need to do a clean install. So do I wait for software upgrade to 10.5 or do it with 10.4? hard to say. Just waiting for software.
Time to get back to updating things
Why do I go away at this time for so long? I am really a 10-month employee, with 20 extra days tacked on. This is just how it fell this year.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

narrowing the vision

In the blog, Dangerously Irrelevant, Scott McLeod made and interesting post about The Personalization and Polarization of America. He makes the point that we are segregating ourselves more than before, and tend to listen to like-minded people. This is done in our neighborhood choices, work environment and new gathering choices.

A few days ago, I was watching a network news show, and they had a story regarding the downfall of newspapers, part of the reason is that younger readers get their information from the Internet. Getting news from the various sources is good, but generally a person will sign up for a news feed that shares their views and interests. The newspaper allows for diverse news and opinions to come into your busy closed world. In the time it takes to boot up my computer I can get a quick overview of what is going on. I have the ability to read opinions other than my own. This is one of the great things about a newspaper. You get depth unlike network news, not as much depth as in the past, but it is there. Yes there is a bias to any writer, so articles can have a right or left slant to them, just as my local paper’s sports page has a pro-Yankees stance.

We need to have an educated populace in this nation, part of education is opening your mind to opinions other than your own, listening to one or two voices is not the way to continue your education about the world.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Pizza on the grill

Grill setup

Two level fire, that is one side hot, the other side not as hot.

Make pizza dough, my bread maker has a good recipe, and I use that, does not matter what you use, I guess you could buy dough too.

The ingredients of the pizza are up to you. I like fresh tomatoes, marinated artichokes, garlic and cheddar cheese. The tomatoes are sliced sort of thin, the artichokes are diced. I use pre-diced garlic, it is easier and quicker, not that much of a purist. The cheese is grated; we buy a big bag of cheese at the local bulk store.

Once the grill is heated, make sure it is sort of clean, use olive oil to coat the grates. Flatten out the dough on a greased pan; I grease it with olive oil. Coat one side of the dough with the olive oil. Slap the dough, oiled side down onto the hot side of the grill and cover. Check after about 3 minutes, the dough will bubble, you want the bottom to be browned, but not burned.

Flip the crust over to the cooler side of the grill, with the browned side up. Place ingredients onto the crust. Cover and cook about 15-20 minutes, or until the cheese is melted and everything is nice and hot.

Do not allow the bottom to burn, that is why you have a cool side of the grill. Keep the cover on as much as possible.


I have had a few posts about cooking. I like to cook using grills, charcoal only, no gas. I have used gas in the past, and understand it is quick and easy, but in my opinion, the taste is not the same, and if I were in a hurry I would not grill in the first place.

I own several grills, a 22”, 17” and two 7” Webers, a vertical water smoker and a horizontal barrel smoker. Just found the body of a 22” Weber on the street yesterday. The 17” was a side of the road find and the two smaller grills were $5 yard sale finds.

For grills, in my opinion, you cannot go wrong with a Weber, I love them. But if the grill has a cover, a way to control airflow and room, it is good. I grew up on the cheap braziers that you see for sale that have no cover, just a flattish pan and grate. These will work for some things, like thawed hotdogs, but that is about it.

Charcoal, I have no problem using briquettes, some purists do. I will also use hard charcoal. The hard stuff cooks faster and hotter; sometimes I will mix for flavor and heat. To start the charcoal I use chimneys, never fluid. With the chimney, I have started to use paraffin cubes, rather than newspaper, it goes faster.

I will add recipes as we go through the summer.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chicken wings

Continuing on the summer cookout theme..
I can write about what I know about

Chicken wings

I could give out my recipe for chicken rub, but you have your favorite. I use one with paprika, kosher salt, brown sugar, and some other things, garlic and onion. There are many recopies so find your own. If you really want mine let me know

Take a bag of wings, thawed. Put into a large bowl. Pour some olive oil over to coat all the wings. Pour rub over and stir, coating all the wings.

Put the wings on a smoker for at least an hour and make sure they are done. Transfer the wings to a hot grill coat with a tomato based bbq sauce, turn after a few moments and coat the other side.
Serve with napkins, wet wipes and blue cheese.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

summer time cooking

My favorite fast and good chicken recipe.. after all it is summer

About 20 thin asparagus spears
2 cloves garlic- diced
4 boneless skinless chicken breasts
cup or so Feta
Pesto (optional) few tablespoons
Tomato based bbq sauce

Clean asparagus; simmer in water with garlic and some salt until tender
Remove asparagus, dump the water and garlic

Butterfly the breasts (cut open like a book) If wanted flatten with a mallet to 1/4 inch or less

Season with salt and pepper to taste

Quickly grill or pan fry in olive oil the breasts until cooked.

Mix feta with pesto in a bowl.

Place asparagus and feta inside of the breast; close the breast- you may need to use a toothpick. Season with paprika, salt, oregano.

Cook on grill or skillet until warmed through—

Lightly coat with bbq sauce to glaze the outside.

Remove and serve.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Naturalized Citizen

There has been much talk about digital immigrants and digital natives in the education field for the past several years. A digital native is someone that was born at a time when digital electronics were around, and they have used them all of their lives, things such as cell phones and mp3 players. Digital immigrants are those of us who saw these devices come into being.

I believe, and have stated there needs to be other terms to fit in with these two, as there is a great number of immigrants that keep up with technology and a great number that do not. I am of the age of digital immigrants, but with my job and interests have kept up and am beyond many natives in my knowledge of technology. I am not alone in this, as many blog readers and writers fit into this category of naturalized citizens. As with other naturalized citizens we can look at the changes to our country and decide what we like and embrace what we see as useful. There are also digital tourists (thanks Ginger) who use what they like, and not always use it well.

There should be other terms, but not for today. Need to get back to work.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

on the trade show floor

SIGTC is discussing having an award for The tech director of The year
I was on The exhibit floor looking for possible sponsors, Some are willing others not So. We will see

Sometimes falling off of a Bull, is just falling off a bull -Other times it can be a metafore for working win technology and people

New term

Before anyone else takes credit, I have plucked To the question "are you a digital native or Immigrant" That I am a naturalized citizen
And I believe many at us are

NECC Bull ride

Can ThiS Be a metafor ?
here are some great resources. I use them

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