Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New term

Before anyone else takes credit, I have plucked To the question "are you a digital native or Immigrant" That I am a naturalized citizen
And I believe many at us are


Michelle Bourgeois said...

Your quick post made me smile! I think when we were kids, we called that "calling dibs" as in "I've got dibs on the front seat!"

Nice term and I hope you'll blog about how you see that term describing so many of us who are not of the digital age but have made ourselves at home here.

GingerTPLC said...

ok, so do I get to call dibs on "digital tourist," describing those who haven't even immigrated?

Some of those tourists never go on vacation.

Thanks for always taking it to the positive!!

charliemahoney said...

And our goal is to get the tourists to like "the homeland" so much that they WANT to jump ship and immigrate.