Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chicken wings

Continuing on the summer cookout theme..
I can write about what I know about

Chicken wings

I could give out my recipe for chicken rub, but you have your favorite. I use one with paprika, kosher salt, brown sugar, and some other things, garlic and onion. There are many recopies so find your own. If you really want mine let me know

Take a bag of wings, thawed. Put into a large bowl. Pour some olive oil over to coat all the wings. Pour rub over and stir, coating all the wings.

Put the wings on a smoker for at least an hour and make sure they are done. Transfer the wings to a hot grill coat with a tomato based bbq sauce, turn after a few moments and coat the other side.
Serve with napkins, wet wipes and blue cheese.

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