Thursday, June 16, 2011

A positive day on the hunt

Today, no rejection letters or Email. Two somewhat positive contacts, anything that is not a rejection I see as positive. Also found an interesting job to apply for.

I sent a resume to a TV station Monday, today received a letter from them, I fully expected it to be a rejection letter. What it said was I passed the initial screening, and my application was moving forward. That is a positive step. How nice of them to write at this stage too.

Received a call regarding an application for an Instructional Designer position. That was nice. The only problem being is they are looking for someone with experience with a program called Articulate, which I do not have. Other than that it was positive, and he said that there are other positions coming up that I would fit.

So I went to the Articulate web site, it does look like a nice program for working with. Two problems, I don't have $1300 hanging around, and it is PC only, and I have a Mac. There is a free 30 day trial, which I could learn it fairly well, I just need to get ahold of a PC for a month.

Another place is advertising for Vice President for education. I need to print out the paper work and send it on its way.

So all in all a fairly positive day.

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