Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Thinking of education

What do we need to do to get the students ready to live? It seems we have many new ideas, but the best way to implement them? 
thinking back to how we were taught to teach. Did your methods match up with the methods taught? Mine usually did not. My first teaching job was many years ago - Early 1980's in rural North Carolina. At that time the state was into the 6 step lesson plan. We were to teach using these steps, no exceptions. I do not recall the author of this concept, but remember reading she did not think every lesson needed these steps nor should the lesson be one class period long. But the schools and state did not do the latter part in their evaluation. The teachers taught this way only when we were being observed. Otherwise we taught the way we were most effective and what met the objectives of the day. 
Now we need to see how to fit technology in to classes. Some teachers do this effectively, some don't. Is it a matter of training or the teacher's teaching style? I would hope all teachers would embrace technology, but is it effective for everything. Sometimes the best technology to use in a classroom is a piece of paper. Other times it would be other technology. Unless it is easy to use and makes sense, will teachers use the technology? They will if they see results, I hope. 

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