Sunday, April 6, 2008

Now where was I?

There are times that doing my job is impossible. I know that I am not alone in this problem. I was hired several years ago as an instructional technology coordinator, but don't think I really do that, I am more of a director of technology. Is there a difference? sure. An instructional technology coordinator helps to integrate technology into the educational setting. I would love to do this, as it is my training. What I spend most of my time on is working on the technology and developing planning for the network, technology purchaces, fixing and gettting ready. When I try to take the time to work on projects, there is some sort of technology crisis that must be taken care of. But if the technology does not work, then it cannot be integrated. 
If I was really the director I should be getting paid more, but that is life in a small district. At least I have a job that I enjoy. Am I doing the best for everyone? I think so. Could I do more? last week no, but with technology it is boom or bust. I hope this week I can get back to working on getting technology into the teachers hands and showing them what to do with it. 
I have a monthly meeting with people that do the "same" job as I. We sit around talking about what we are doing. It is great to hear about all of the training and projects they do. When it is my turn for sharing, it is not the same subject. They really don't want to hear about the new email server and system and the lead up work to the  VoIP system to be put in this summer or next summer depending on funding. This is not what they do, but they have larger departments than I do. Such is life

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