Thursday, April 10, 2008

I shall whine now

Email- the great thing about it is you should know what the subject is based on what the writer puts in the subject line--hey that makes sense.  I do not like getting email with a blank subject line. Especially if it is from a teacher here and I know that I need to read it. I guess I need to know before I open it if the message is good, bad or indifferent. What I think is worse, is reply email that is unrelated to the subject. For example, if I send out an email with a warning, such as a server will be down for a short time. I expect reply related to the outage, and need to reassure some folks about their data and connections (If the file server is down, you can still get onto the Internet, for example). But I get at least two replies that are so unrelated that I get irritated. I usually place bets on (a) Who will do it, and (b)How much time until they do it. But getting upset does no good, but when working on an issue, I need to concentrate on that problem. Is it worth getting frustrated about--no not really, and I should work on that.
So if you send me an email, have a subject or if you reply in an unrelated email, change the subject. 
That did not make me feel better!

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