Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Moving on

The voice recorder debacle has been resolved. He can use it for his assignments. No need for an IEP amendment, using technology for organization is covered in the document, as I thought. 

Now to other things.

We are in a short lull here this week. We have spring break next week, so no new projects going on. After break there are a few projects starting. 

Hope to be working with teachers on developing their personal learning networks using twitter, google reader, diigo and things like that. 

Think we need to re-think our technology plan, in terms of allowing more web 2.0 products to be used in the classroom. Generally we can use most things, but there needs to be clear information about blogs and the like and responsibility of the school, teacher, student and parents regarding posted information and replies. 

Hope that we get moving on the OLPC project, paperwork has been taken care of, now need to work with the students at RIT on this. Information on the project can be found here comments are more than welcome. Wondering if the lower priced PCs that Microsoft is working on will take the place of these machines?

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