Wednesday, June 11, 2008

What if

One of those serendipitous moments happened to me over the past day or two (does that make it a moment?)

Was thinking about vacation, and have had read some blogs about “unplugging from the net”, then started thinking about Mark Twain’s A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, not that I have read it in several years or anything, other things have been brewing along these lines. Recent news has stated me thinking about floods and earthquakes and how we would survive in the short term. Then I run into this promo for a book


All of this comes together in my brain, now I need to squeeze these images and jumbled thoughts into some sort of coherent writing. Not always easy for me as readers of this blog can attest to—if there are really readers.

Can I survive in the world my grandparents lived in? We hear the other direction often, could my grandparents manage in this world. For some of you think of your great-grandparents or people that lived in the early 1900’s. My parents, now in their 80’s manage to deal with the world in their own way, and I am sure folks from the past could deal with what we have now, after a short adjustment time. But what about us?

I am not confident I could feed my family with what I raise and grow, even if I had the land on which to do this. I know my grandparents had a difficult time doing this in the Dakotas, would I be able to produce enough to sell? Sell to whom?

Planting and other work without motors, chemicals and the like, are we mentally and physically strong enough? I know my neck would not work, as it is too much yard work causes my arm to go numb or hurt like heck.

Could I cook? Sure, coal or wood work fine, but the menu would be dull, need to raise a bunch of chickens. Grind my own meal for flower? Don’t know how to build a mill. Could I build a house with lumber cut and hewn by hand? Nope.

How useless have we become?

Survive, sure.
Thrive, no.
I have a fair amount of survival experience, what about others?

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