Monday, June 2, 2008

Thinking of new teachers

I have been reading student blogs from Alac Couros’ students in one of his education courses (ECMP355). Very good, insightful posts by the students. I would think it is getting near the end of the semester for these students.

I enjoy the ideas of new and pre-service teachers, the excitement about education, their ideas, how excited they are. Sort of reminds me of early elementary students and believing they can do anything.

What happens to us? At what age do students no longer think they can do anything? When do new teachers gain the “forget it, I will do it the old way” attitude? What causes this downgrading of self expectations?

I wish I knew the answer. I remember each time starting the school year, things would be great this year, students will work on their projects, we will all have a great time working together. Then in a week or two, back to the old ways. Was it easier that way. Fewer ripples in the pond? This is what the students expect from school?

Wish I was a better teacher when I did teach.

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