Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yesterday I had the chance to take a bike ride with my boys. They live near the Erie Canal, so that is where we rode. I brought along my new Flip video camera to see what it could do. fairly easy to use while riding, good quality, not what I am used to with quality, but if I am just putting something on-line, then no problem.

My big issue with the flip is that there is no real Macintosh support for the camera, unless I buy QuickTime Pro, at about $25 per copy. I could get a school license for Visual Hub.

Due to this I used Windows Movie Maker for the first time, so the cut is a little rough. I am used to using iMovie over the past several years, prior to that I used Premier, when it was made for Mac.

The video came out well as you can see, the resolution is bad, but so it goes. I did not mess with the soundtrack, that would be for another time.

Perhaps I should turn it into a series on 100 places not to see before you die

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Laura Skolny said...

The boys are getting how they have grown.

There is no doubt Garage Band wins the video making hands down. But for those of us who are PC users Movie Maker does work.

You have to remember that the video is being shot with a $100 for that $100 you get decent quality. For school projects it is affordable.