Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Story About a Hat

Part of my life in the spring is track and field. I ran in high school, coached for a few years and now officiate. Officiating is fun, and is a good break from life, generally the kids are good, and the atmosphere tends to be low key...with the exception of some coaches.

Part of officiating in NYS, we need to wear a uniform, as any sport officials wear uniforms. Ours are tan pants, white shirt with logo, blue jacket with logo, and a hat with logo. The hat is optional. I bought a hat last year, I was very happy. I like wearing hats, it does surprise people that I am not bald.

So the beginning of the season starts, I have all of my stuff, shirt, jacket, starting pistol, whistle, clipboards, rule book, measuring tapes, but no hat. Where is my hat, I searched, and searched, why it was not with my other stuff I do not know. Dang it! I am also too cheap to buy a new hat, why spend another 20 dollars or so, when it is here somewhere. So, I told my wonderful wife, that I would probably find it the day after the season ended. I made it through the season without a hat. I did not find it the day after the season, but two days after the season ended.

Where was it? Why in a box in the garage. Why not? Started to clean the garage, going through stuff, and there it was, with tie-down straps and some plastic. I cannot figure this out. I think it must have tried to run away, and only made it that far, or the squirrels thought it was a big blue nut, and put it with their stash of black walnuts. Would say that life can be funny sometimes, but that was not funny. Sort of.

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