Monday, June 21, 2010

Dick's Sporting Goods Follow-up

Last week I wrote about a visit to Dick's sporting goods and the bad service I received there. Today they sent out an Email to me,

Dear Ted,

Thank you for contacting Dick's Sporting Goods Customer Service.

It is always our goal to ensure our customer's satisfaction by offering
quality brand products, store services and the best customer care to all
of our customers. We regret to learn that your recent visit with us did
not meet your expectations. We would like the opportunity to discuss
this with you further. Please contact us at 1-866-xxx-xxxx.

Best Regards,


So I gave them a call today. I fully anticipated nothing. Calling the number I felt as if I were falling into voicemail hell, with 8 options before finding a person. None of the options given had any of the needed titles, until reaching the "press zero to talk to a human". After getting a person, they connected me with Jennifer. After a few moments she remembered my blog post, and was ready to discuss the issue. Really there was not much to say, she was a good listener, and really didi not offer any excuses for what happened, a few of the early questions I thought were heading that direction, but it was all good. I was not really mad, or looking for anything from them, just wanted to explain the problems we ran into.

So she said that they would contact the local store manager and he could check the security tapes to see who should have been doing what and where. We shall see what if anything happens from that point.

Jennifer was great, thanks for her help.

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