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Diigo bookmarks for today 04/10/2010

  • I will be skyping into this free webinar hosted by Scholastic with David Rowe, Chief Scientist of Cognition and Learning at the Center for Applied Special Technology. Join us.

    April 21, 2010 - 3:30 pm EDT - free!

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  • Cool webinars and expert activities. I just love these -- go to this website and sign up! Dr. Wayne Clough, former president of Georgia Tech (my alma mater) now runs the smithsonian and they are doing some of the coolest things! Here is a list, but go to the website to join in.

    " Day One: Understanding the American Experience
    Tuesday, 13 April 2010

    11:00 to 11:50 am EDT
    How do we change a stereotype?

    12:00 to 12:50 pm EDT
    What can science tell us about American history?

    2:00 to 2:50 pm EDT
    What does clothing communicate?

    Day Two: Valuing World Cultures
    Wednesday, 14 April 2010

    11:00 to 11:50 am EDT
    Who owns music?

    12:00 to 12:50 pm EDT
    What happens when a people meets its past?

    2:00 to 2:50 pm EDT
    How does design solve everyday problems?

    Day Three: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe
    Wednesday, 28 April 2010

    11:00 to 11:50 am EDT
    Are there other worlds out there?

    12:00 to 12:50 pm EDT
    How have we imagined other worlds?

    2:00 to 2:50 pm EDT
    How do we grasp the vastness of the universe?

    Day Four: Understanding and Sustaining a Biodiverse Planet
    Thursday, 29 April 2010

    11:00 to 11:50 am EDT
    What do modern animal bones tell us about biodiversity?

    12:00 to 12:50 pm EDT
    How can we learn about nature’s most elusive animals?

    2:00 to 2:50 pm EDT
    How (and why) do we count living things?"

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  • "You might be surprised at how much water it takes to bring that hamburger to your plate or oto make your favorite t-shirt. Compare apples to oranges, beer to wine, wind power to coal and see how your choices add up"

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  • Free Microsoft Office Add in for Moodle - you can save files directly from Word to Moodle. This is pretty cool.

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  • Excellent Webinar opportunity this Thursday from edutopia.

    The Power of One: Greg Mortenson's Crusade to Promote Peace through Project Learning
    Thursday, April 15, 2010 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM PDT
    Webinar Registration
    Host: Suzie Boss, journalist and blogger

    Presenter: Greg Mortenson, best-selling author of Three Cups of Tea

    Can one person really make a difference in the world? Greg Mortenson, author of Three Cups of Tea, describes his own unlikely path from mountaineer to humanitarian. His best-selling story has inspired thousands of students to contribute to school-building efforts in remote regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan through a service-learning program called Pennies for Peace. Supported by a multimedia, standards-based curriculum for grades K-12, Pennies for Peace culminates with student-driven projects that develop leadership skills and build cross-cultural understanding. Mortenson explains how the program works, how teachers can get involved, and why students benefit from authentic opportunities to make their own difference in the world.

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  • If you discuss sun protection in your health program - here is some information for you. I had skin cancer removed when I wasn't even 30 yet! Skin Cancer has been an issue in my family and I hope you discuss this with kids. Here is information from my inbox.

    "With the UV Index on the rise, it's time to remind your students to
    Slip! Slop! Slap! and Wrap! In our effort to raise awareness about a
    health issue that is largely preventable and too often ignored—skin
    cancer, EPA encourages you to promote sun safety before the second
    annual Don’t Fry Day on the Friday before Memorial Day (May 28, 2010).
    As millions of us prepare to enjoy the great outdoors this Memorial Day
    weekend, EPA and the National Council on Skin Cancer Prevention are
    reminding Americans to practice sun-safe behaviors. We need your help;
    go online and pledge to incorporate sun safety into your spring and
    summer activities.

    Take the Pledge:

    Participating classrooms and informal education organizations will
    receive a Don’t Fry Day poster and a set of sun safety stickers. The
    stickers feature SunWise animals showing children how to Slip! Slop!
    Slap! and Wrap! Additionally, you will be entered into a random drawing
    for a SunWise Prize Pack. The prize pack includes a set of UV-sensitive
    beads, a real-time UV monitor, UV-sensitive nail polish and other sun
    safety resources.

    To learn more about Don’t Fry Day, visit the National Council on
    Skin Cancer Prevention’s Don’t Fry Day resource page,, where you can find background information,
    skin cancer statistics and facts, and public service announcements you
    can put in your school’s newsletter or distribute electronically to

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