Sunday, June 28, 2009

Second Day NECC

Second day. Met with SIGTC leaders to discuss our forum this AM, now we are waiting outside of the room where the forum will be held. We will not be able to get in until about a half hour before hand, which is not good. We usually have a few hours in the room before hand, but there is a SIG leadership meeting in there now. Guess we could not have scheduled the rooms better? A couple of our people we need to meet with are in this meeting too. Bummer. Would be nice to have some cooperation between ISTE and our SIG. But this seems to be status quo. 

Edubloggercon was great. Posted many links onto my diigo page. Got to meet with a Diigo person yesterday, and we discussed some things that could be tweaked. Very nice and helpful. 

Got here Saturday at about 6 am yesterday, made it to my hotel at 3pm figured to take a nap, woke up at 10pm. guess that was a bit longer than I wanted. Well rested and ready to go.

Apparently the group that reviewed sessions for this years NECC, had my session listed in their top 3, not sure why I got turned down, that sure seems strange. Should I be paranoid? Sort of confusing, I have not be approved for my sessions, yet seem to be listed high every year, interesting, wonder who doesn't like me? 

Will post later on, need to do it from here, my hotel has plugin internet and I don't have a patch cable. So it goes

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