Monday, April 6, 2009

A happy present

My mother is a musical person. She sings, plays the piano on occasion and at one time played guitar. We have some old photos of her playing her guitar with a group. Not long after my parents were married, and my father was in college at NC State, they had very little money, the GI bill only paid for so much. The story goes that she got home one day, the instrument was gone, when asked, my father told her it was sold, and that was it. She was upset; this has been a bit of a sore spot between them for the past 60 or so years.

When I was young, this was not talked about. When we stated to look at pictures, and saw the guitar she would not really say much about it. When my brother or I tried to learn how to play the guitar, we never really thought about asking her for help, nor did she offer any. My parents are in the process of selling their house, and moving to Virginia. She is resolute about bringing her piano. Some have tried to talk her out of it, but she IS taking it with them.

This Sunday, while eating breakfast, I showed her some of my pictures, which included some of my mandolin. She looked at it and mentioned that she really wished that she still had a guitar. I didn’t think much about it, but had noticed an add for a store with a name brand guitar for $65. Later, Sally and I were driving around and discussed this, and we decided, what the heck, mother’s day is coming up, let’s get her a guitar. So we did.

We really did not know what the reaction to this present would be, if the resentment was so deep it would cause issues or not. Her reaction was a bit unexpected, she shed tears of joy. I don’t really remember her doing this before, even at weddings. My father was also pleased. I hope that she does remember how to play, and re-learns what she could do in the past.

I also warned her she has about three weeks until I come back with my mandolin and we are to play some music together.

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