Friday, April 17, 2009

Diigo bookmarks for today 04/18/2009

  • The Den virtual conference is April 25th! Enjoy and register now! It is free!

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  • So what is it that we want students to gain from a k-12 science education? What are the goals we should constantly work to promote in students?

    Considering that rote memorization of scientific ideas leads to little understanding, I have identified ten goals for students that focus on life learning skills, and other traits that will be valuable to them in the future, no matter their career choice. Each goal below is accompanied by more specific explanations of what I might see students doing who meet that goal. I hope whatever your goals are for your students, you have thought about them extensively. We all want great things for our students, but if we do not have well articulated goals, our efforts will not be focused.

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  • Here are some great resources for EarthDay. These were made in one of my favorite software programs called Timeliner. Timeliner is GREAT for the research because it completely cites all sources and aids in clipping from the internet. From planning and prewriting to creating graphic organizers - it is a great tool you should look at for next year!

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  • Enjoyed watching the Youtube Symphony Orchestra - act 1. Loved it!

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