Monday, February 9, 2009

SIG Related Blogs

I have been working on a list of blogs which are related to the various SIGs in ISTE. Many of these have been found on other blogs and lists, or from my finding stuff, if you would please add to the list or tell me if on is not good, or in the wrong place, that would be good. Remember I am looking for blogs. Thanks

SIG 1-1
1-to-1 Computing: SIG1to1 works to advance the thoughtful proliferation of 1-to-1 mobile computing devices for every student in K-16 education. Share 1-to-1 initiatives, concerns, and best practices with the topic's most passionate supporters.
Yes Tech

SIG admin Administrators: SIGAdmin provides a venue for principals and other educational leaders to explore factors that influence a positive return on technology investment, and to share best practices for planning, managing, and assessing related educational resources.
The Principal’s Page
Practical Theory
Monarch Grove Principal’s Blog
The Superintendent’s Blog

SIGCT Computing Teachers: SIGCT seeks to advance the practice of teaching computing and computer science in PK–12 education both broad knowledge and skills needed by all students and various aspects of the discipline for those wishing more in-depth study.
A difference
Computer Science Teacher
The Strength of Weak Ties
Monkey See Monkey Build

SIGde Digital Equity: SIGDE seeks to improve access to technology tools and provide opportunities for all 21st century learners. Share proven digital equity strategies with educators, researchers, and educational reform leaders worldwide.

Sighc Handheld Computing: SIGHC supports educational uses of handheld, wireless, and mobile computing devices. Collaborate with a broad cross-section of members, including teachers, tech coordinators, teacher educators, researchers, and industry leaders.

Sigilt Innovative Learning Technologies: SIGILT provides a venue for pioneering educators to explore promising new learning technologies and innovative practices. Learn how to implement and sustain innovation in classrooms and schools.
Milobo’s Musings
Future Education Tech
A Whole New Diane

Sigivc Interactive Video Conferencing: SIGIVC supports educators in the use of interactive videoconferencing and related virtual learning technologies. Share best practices on planning for, implementing, and managing IVC in the classroom.

Sigms Media Specialists: SIGMS recognizes that library media specialists often serve as school and district technology leaders and supports this role with professional development and policy activities in a variety of venues.
Rambling Libarian
Free Range Librarian
A Library By Any Other Name
Dog Eared Book Blog
Northside Elementary Library
Picture Book of the Day
Kidlitosphere Central

Setsig Special Education Technology: SETSIG sponsors workshops, trainings, and other activities for educators interested in assistive and instructional applications of technology for disabled and gifted students.
Gifted Exchange
Strategies for Gifted Learners
Linking Special Ed and the Main Stream World

Sigtc Technology Coordinators: SIGTC addresses current legislation and advancements in this rapidly changing field. Venues for identifying problems and solutions include an active online forum and face-to-face meetings.

Sigte Teacher Educators: SIGTE serves professors and other professionals focused on teacher education with a peer-reviewed journal and other venues that address pre- and inservice training, certification issues, research in computer education, and appropriate training materials.
Open Thinking & Digital Pedagogy

Sigtel Telelearning: SIGTel supports educators involved with computer-based communications and distance learning models through an online bulletin and other venues for sharing research, international connections, special projects, and training opportunities.
Teach 42

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Scott McLeod said...

Not that it really matters, but I'd probably put Dangerously Irrelevant under SIGAdmin as well / instead...

Thanks for including DI on your list!