Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4th FIRST post

The build season for FIRST Robotics ended last week, the robots were shipped out on Tuesday the 17th. Both teams seem to be in good shape. The challenge was interesting and I can’t wait until the competition to see how it goes. Sometimes I am confident other times, not so much. Any time there is competition I have the same feelings.

The last week of work was brutal for all involved. My wife dropped Eric off on Saturday Morning, I picked him up Sunday for him to shower, change clothes and have a nap. Dropped him back off around 6 pm, picked him up sometime Monday for a shower and new clothes, and then finally picked him up around noon on Tuesday.

It was fun to see the final changes to the robots and some of the unforeseen problems get fixed quickly. This really showed cooperation between students, and problem solving skills in action. There were few committee meetings as discussed in an earlier post.

Watching the six-week process take place, from being given the problem, to making robots to solve the problem was fascinating. I learned more about my son in that short time than I have in a while. He is becoming a leader, and a “let’s get it done” kind of guy. Needs to think things through a bit more, but he does them.

Other son decided that this was a bit intense for him, so he will not be joining next year.

Take the time and go to an event near you, or find the web cast of the events, you will be amazed by the work of these students

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