Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Year, another Dollar

Good luck to all this year. I hope things all go well for you, and you achieve your goals. I know I have a few goals to work on, and will see how that all works.
Just got back from a road trip with my boys, now 17 and 15. It is nice to have the older one be able to drive, makes these trips less exhausting to do, even though I am driving from the passenger seat. They claim I fell asleep, but I really doubt it.
The whole idea of the trip was to take them down to see their grandparents in Virginia before Eric graduates from high school, after that point, I doubt I could get him to go anywhere. We went now, rather than later, because if we went later something would happen so we could not go.

First the new air and space museum. The gps got us lost, and the back-up directions from google were wrong. But we got there.
Had a good time, many cool things. Free to get in, $15 to park.

Then we went to my parent's house, spent two nights and one day. Just about long enough for the boys. They have not seen the grandparents in several years.
Watched a bunch of football games. Of course I went to bed and missed the end of the UNC game, which I hear was interesting.

We left the next day for home, but went to Luray caverns. We went there when I was little, and it seemed like a good stop. Too expensive to get in, the tour was on headsets, but we had to go with a group.
While we were there, it dawned on me, this is where my parents forgot me when we visited last time. I went to the restroom, came out, and they were gone. They came back for me not too much later, but this was the place.

Now we are home, no worse for the wear. Good to be here


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