Sunday, May 30, 2010

Diigo bookmarks for today 05/31/2010

  • Sentence Scrambler
    If you have a bunch of sentences and you want to scramble them for use in the traditional exercise of narabikae, look no further than this wonderful tool.

    ABC Flashcard Viewer Thingy
    A flashcard viewer, designed for the interactive whiteboard. You can display the letters A to Z in upper- and lowercase, with or without guide lines. All movement can be controlled via the arrow keys and/or the alphabet keys on your keyboard. If you want a local version to use on your own machine, you can download it here.

    What's this?
    If you have access to an interactive whiteboard, this is a fun(?) game. A peculiar image is displayed, and students try to guess what it is. You can choose which images you want to show, and you can change the question and answer formats.

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