Monday, November 30, 2009

14 driving rules for Interstates

I don’t mind driving, really I don’t. With my wonderful wife unable to do much driving over the past few years, I have done the bulk of it. This puts me on interstates with many other people. I am not a provincial writer, having driven and lived in many other states, so the statement that the section of the NY Thruway (I-90) between Syracuse and Rochester is about the worse stretch of road I have ever had the pleasure to drive. Not the condition of the road, but the number of people on it. It would be nice if it were 3 lanes, but no dice. Why is it so bad? I don’t know, but often the traffic comes to a stop for no apparent reason. After being stopped or going slow for a half hour, the traffic suddenly picks up to normal speed. Does the road get tired and suddenly close? Hard to say, but it happens on Sunday afternoons and evenings almost every time I am on that road. When this happens on other sections of road, there is a lane closed or a big wreck ahead, but that section of the Thruway, who knows?

Here are some rules of the Interstates I came up with yesterday while going 30 mph between Syracuse and Rochester.

1. If you have cruse control, USE IT. On a 65 mph road, Let’s all set it to 73 and forget it.
2. If a cop has someone stopped on the other side of the divided highway, you do not have to slow to below the speed limit, he is not going to stop what he is doing, cross lanes and come after you.
3. If a cop has someone stopped in your direction, try to pull over to the left and continue on your way. See rule 2.
4. If you plan on driving the speed limit, stay out of the passing lane.
5. If you plan on driving the speed limit stay to the right.
6. If you are going to pass, do so, sitting on someone’s rear fender is stupid. If you were going fast enough to get there, pass. See rule 1.
7. If you pass someone, and then pull in front of them, do not slow down, keep your same speed. See rule 1
8. The left lane is for passing. After you pass, get back over to the right. See rules 1, 4 & 5
9. If you are in the passing lane, and you see a long line of cars behind you, and no body in front of you perhaps you should get out of the passing lane.
10. On a three-lane road, the center lane is not the slow lane. See rule 7.
11. Pay attention to the signs. It is not nice to do a 3-lane dive to make your exit because you failed to pay attention to the exit ahead signs.
12. Turn off your bright lights, no need for them on the Interstate.
13. SUV drivers, see rule 12. Especially behind a car. Sometimes a person can read by your lights
14. No tailgating. Relax; we will all get there. Allow for stopping space between cars. Flicking your lights while I am passing someone is just annoying. Your time will come. See rules 1, 12, and 13.

That, at least is a good start. Please add your own

A couple people have added via Plurk comments:
15. If you are in the right lane, and there are no cars in the left, pull to the left to allow cars to enter the highway
16. As you enter the highway, there is a short section for you to accelerate before going into traffic, please use it for this

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