Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Joys of Some Installs

Generally installing software is a simple thing, click install, put in a password or two, and it works. Then there are other installs. I have been working with putting freeradius onto a server with a tech today. Working on a Mac server, we need to use Unix commands. That is all well and good, and it generally works, but the instructions for this, as with many other command line installs are great until one point. That point makes you think you are missing a page of instructions. Things work great, then the next line makes no sense, it refers to a folder that is not there, or a command that gives back a no-such file or no such command or error or whatever. Gosh darn it. Gee Wizzzzzz.
Give it a break for a day. And because it is a server I am working on, I cannot really re-start at anytime, as many people are on the server and it is our authentcation server. SO bright and early tomorrow, I will re-boot and try to back up in the install to see what happened.

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