Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now What?

Coming in the morning to a dead server, brings up the issue of We Have All of this Technology, What if it Does Not Work?

Things seem to be falling apart today, jammed printers, library catalog server was down (loose plug) and a server app is in hiding. Not to mention the server for Project Lead The Way. It holds many of the programs they use in that program, and the student and teacher files. Sort of shoots the day if it does not work. Sitting here feeling guilty that I do not have duplicate servers hanging around, but at what cost?

Two days of outage for this server. It is not much in the long run, but in the present, it is pretty bad. Sort of like when a server goes down for an hour, that can be the longest hour in the world. There are some folks that still remind me of the last time the teacher server was down, four years ago, for two hours, and say the server “never” works. When asked to define this, they are reminded it was four years ago for two hours, so it is pretty safe now. But I guess it is the point. If the technology does not work when you want to use it, how willing are they to try again?

A few days later: server back and running. Need to work on a couple of computers and scanners now.

Stuff needs to work or it is a waste of money.

Did any of that make sense?

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